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Is there a Backlash on Reporting Sustainability Activities/ESG?

Does ESG Really Matter? Writing in their book, ESG Matters: How to Save the Planet, Empower People, and Outperform the Competition, Brown and Brown (2021) state that ESG makes sense because a responsible company that cares about its people, customers, and the environment is more likely to outperform competitors and... Read more →

Does ESG Reporting Enhance the Understandability of Sustainability?

The Challenges of Reporting ESG reporting provides a specific framework for evaluating and measuring a company’s sustainability performance. It assesses a company’s ESG-related risks and opportunities by providing a standardized approach for stakeholders, including investors, creditors, regulators and society in general, to assess corporate sustainability. The Purpose of ESG Reporting... Read more →

What Makes An E-Commerce Business Ethical?

Diversity and Sustainability in E-Commerce The following guest blog was written by Karolyn Gore. Consumers in the new millennium care deeply about ethics and brand purpose, as found in Accenture Strategy’s Global Consumer Pulse Research. Consumers under the age of 30 (millennials and Gen-Z’ers) feel particularly strong about this issue,... Read more →