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Ethics Sage Receives Accounting Exemplar Award

Cal Poly Professor Receives Accounting Exemplar Award The American Accounting Association recently honored Cal Poly Professor Steven Mintz with the Accounting Exemplar Award in the public interest section. The award is given annually to accounting educators and practitioners who have made notable contributions to professionalism and ethics in accounting. With... Read more →

Cal Poly Professor Recognized For Accounting Ethics Research

Steven Mintz, aka Ethics Sage, Honored for Ethics Research Accomplishments The CPA Journal honored Cal Poly accounting ethics professor Steve Mintz for his research in accounting ethics. He will receive the publication’s 2014 Max Block Award in the informed comment category for his article “Revised AICPA Code of Professional Conduct:... Read more →

Cyber-attack on Sony follows leaks by the Guardians of Peace about SEC Bribery Investigation

From the Golden Globes to Foreign Bribery: Sony Pictures Embarrassed Again No one was surprised last Sunday night when the hosts of the Golden Globe Awards, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, took a swipe at Sony Pictures for the tasteless comments made by some executives that were released after a... Read more →

Cal Poly Professor Steven Mintz Ranked High in Ethics Research

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 12, 2014 Contact: Robyn Kontra 805-756-5331; [email protected] Cal Poly, Professor Earn High Ranks for Research in Accounting Education, Ethics SAN LUIS OBISPO­ — A 2014 survey published by the journal Issues in Accounting Education ranks Cal Poly No. 32 overall for research in accounting education over... Read more →

Social Media’s Effects on the Next Generation

Ethical Relativism, Cyber-bullying, and Disrespect threatens our ‘Civil Society’ Has social media done more harm than good for everyone who’s “grown up digital?” I believe social media has led to a moral crisis with our younger generation; and how that must be turned around in the classroom, through parenting, and... Read more →

Stupid is as Stupid Does, and boy is the TSA Stupid

TSA to Allow Blunt Objects on Planes I first posted this blog last week on my “ethics sage” website and repeat it today in an updated form because of the positive response to the blog. Forrest Gump quotes are uncomplicated, basic and true. They are almost Zen-like in their simplicity.... Read more →

Admission of International Students to Universities May Pose a Threat to National Security

Growing Problem of Fraud in International Student Applications to Higher Education Institutions As a college professor I have always wondered how some of my international students were ever admitted to the university. Now, I think the answer is clear. Lying on applications forms; misstating one’s past education and experiences; and... Read more →

Judge Nixes Citigroup-SEC Agreement

Is Workplace Ethics An Oxymoron? I have posted many blogs on ethics in the workplace. After a while you can become quite cynical about the practice followed by so many companies, especially investment firms. Let’s not forget they were responsible for the 2008 financial meltdown. But finally there is hope... Read more →

Workplace Consequences for “Occupy Wall Street” Protesters

Can Engaging in Political Activities Outside the Workplace Get You in Trouble? With the growing popularity of “Occupy Wall Street” protests the issue must be raised whether employees who participate are at risk of losing their jobs. Just talk to NPR radio host Lisa Simeone and you know the answer... Read more →

Consulting and Training on Ethics in the Workplace

Keys to Making Ethical Decsisions in the Workplace I have conducted ethics programs for many organizations and served as an expert witness where ethical issues and professional conduct was involved. Ethical dilemmas in the workplace often occur because your boss asks you to do something that seems unethical or go... Read more →