Is Wells Fargo a Corrupt Organization?

CEO John Stump Pays the Price of Establishing a "Sales at all Costs" Culture I have previously blogged on my Ethics Sage website about the unconscionable actions of Wells Fargo and its CEO, John Stumpf. Much has happened in the last few weeks so the purpose of this blog is... Read more →

Wells Fargo’s Corporate Culture Promotes Unethical Banking Practices

Corporate Compliance and Governance Failures at Wells Fargo How can we explain why a bank allowed its employees to open more than 2 million unauthorized accounts, sticking customers with almost $2.5 million in fees? The answer is Wells Fargo has a corporate culture that enabled its employees to put their... Read more →

Tony Menendez: A Real Hero in the Workplace

The Lost Art of Integrity in Business and Accounting Doing the right thing and blowing the whistle do not always pay off and can be an arduous task. A case in point is what happened to Anthony Menendez in his whistle-blowing ordeal at Halliburton. One day in February 2006, Menendez... Read more →

Using Social Media to Spot Insurance Fraud

Your Social Networking Postings Can Get You in Trouble Imagine that you went on medical leave from your job and received disability benefits for more than one year after which the benefits stopped. You have no idea why. You contact the insurance representative for your employer and find out that... Read more →

To Prevent Whistleblowing, Encourage Whistleblowing

Developing an Effective Whistleblowing Program Does a strong workplace ethic that promotes whistleblowing enhance the moral actions by corporations? Yes, is the short answer. As we found out during the frauds at companies like Enron and WorldCom, as well as the financial recession, corrupt organizations can only be stopped through... Read more →

Is Olympus a Corrupt Organization?

Whistleblower Settlement Raises Doubts about Management’s Intentions On March 2, 2016, it was announced that John Slowik, a whistleblower formerly of Olympus corporation, was awarded $51 million as part of the settlement of his qui tam action under the False Claims Act. The FCA permits private parties to sue for... Read more →

The Morality of Whistle-blowing

When Should an Employee Blow the Whistle? Last July was the fifth year anniversary of the enactment of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act, which has transformed the legal landscape for whistleblowers. The law owes its impact to strong anti-retaliation provisions, effective financial incentives to employees who come forward and federal... Read more →

Volkswagen Pollutes Workplace Ethics

Corporate Irresponsibility at its worse: The VW Scandal As you know by now, US regulators found Volkswagen put in software that turned on emissions controls to read out less emissions when their cars were being tested. Some 11 million vehicles worldwide are affected by the scandal. I have previously blogged... Read more →

Living by ethical values in the workplace

We are what we do and how we handle ethical conflict Acting in accordance with company values in the workplace is the key component in developing an ethical organization culture. If organization sets an ethical tone from the top on down, then workers should do whatever it takes to act... Read more →

Creating an Ethical Culture in Business

Good Ethics is Good for Business Every company should create a culture of ethics. If the senior leadership ignores or downplays a culture of ethics, they have created barriers to ethical behavior and opened the door to ethical dissonance, a situation where an individual’s ethics is at a higher level... Read more →