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Ethics are the soul of your organization. They describe what kind of behavior and conduct is permissible within your organization and what’s not.  But ethics don’t come alive until and unless your employees behave with respect to them. They remain mere words which are inscribed in the soul of your organization. So, to bring your organization’s ethics to life, you have to help your employees integrate them in their soul too.

Although this task appears a little challenging, its accomplishment is crucial for the betterment of your organization. Believe me, if each of your employees starts abiding by the ethical code of conduct of your organization, most of the workplace troubles will get averted. Your organization’s environment will become healthier and so will your employees be. They'll be happier and more productive, working in the office and your organization will start paving its way to success.

According to a report from SHRM, the stock price of 100 most ethical firms outperforms their peers by 300%. This is because strong ethical values when instilled in employees result in enhanced workplace happiness, productivity, and better customer experience.

Thus, despite the challenging nature of the task at hand, you should make a firm decision to accomplish it. Now, let’s discuss 7 ways to develop strong work ethics in your employees. Workplace ethics

1. Make your employees aware of your organization’s ethics:

This is the first step to help your employees incorporate the ethical values of your organization. You have to make them aware of your organization’s ethics. Along with this, you have to let them know how much the ethics matter to you and your organization. It is through the demonstration of your commitment to the ethical code of conduct that you can instill a similar kind of seriousness in your employees. So, you should conduct training sessions in your organization and make your employees aware of your organization’s ethics. Make sure to prepare well for the sessions so that you can properly convey the importance of ethics in your company.

2. Enhance employee involvement by inviting suggestions from your employees:

After making your employees aware of the ethics of your organization, you should also invite suggestions from them. You should ask them if they would like something to be added to the existing ethical code of conduct. This will enhance their involvement in the process and commitment to the organization’s ethics.

3. Be an example for your employees:

When you practice what you preach, your employees are more likely to follow in your footsteps. So, you should be an example for your employees and exemplify the kind of behavior you expect from them. Under all circumstances, your behavior should be in accordance with the ethical code of conduct. You should treat your subordinates exactly in the same way as you wish them to behave with each other. This will give them an expression that you stimulate them to incorporate the ethics of your organization in their decision-making process.

4. Display the ethical code of conduct at different places:

To help your employees remember and buy into the ethical code of conduct, you should display the ethical code at different places in the organization. Whenever your employees look at it, they will be reminded that you take the ethics code seriously and they expect you to do the same. As a result, their chances of misconduct will get significantly reduced and your ethical code of conduct will come to life.

5. Conduct regular meetings to reinforce ethics:

To develop strong work ethics in your employees, you have to make continuous efforts. Every now and then, you have to remind your employees of the ethics they have to practice. For this, you should conduct regular meetings to reinforce ethics, their importance and value in your organization. This will help your employees remember that they have an ethical code of conduct to follow.

6. Utilize rewards to motivate your employees to follow the ethics standards:

It is a well-known fact that rewards are excellent motivation boosters. So, to motivate your employees to follow the ethical code of conduct, you should implement the rewards strategy in your organization. Every employee who follows the ethical code of conduct properly should get rewarded. This will stimulate him to keep it up and motivate the rest of your employees to follow in his footsteps.

7. Keep a check on ethical breaches and address them well:

On your journey to help your employees instill your organization’s ethics, you have to stay watchful of any ethical breaches. This is important to help your employees realize that no ethical breaches are acceptable within the organization. Once you are informed of an ethical breach, however small it may seem, you should address it fully.

Ethics are necessary to keep your organization working in a morally sound manner. But the existence of ethics doesn’t become fruitful until your employees start practicing them in their work life. So, it is crucial for you to beacon your employees in the direction of practicing your organization’s ethics properly and the above mentioned ways will help you with the same. Remember to “walk the talk” of ethical behavior in your every action.

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