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5 Need-to-Know TED Talks on Social Responsibility Every Business Should Watch

Creating a New Paradigm for Corporate Social Responsibility

Today’s guest blog is by Beatrice Potter. You can find out more about her below.

Modernisation and globalisation are bigger today than it has ever been before, and there is no denying there are businesses these days that have so much power. That being said, even smaller businesses that operate around the world have a ton of power and a large impact on the world, and it’s time for business to start taking responsibility for said impact.

Corporate social responsibility has never been more important with everything that’s going on right now in the world, from the talks on racism unfolding to coronavirus, global warming, and overall sustainability and green practices.

Of course, from a business perspective, this can be overwhelming to think about and get right, especially with the world watching, but you’re not alone. As a great starting point, here are five of the best TED talks on social responsibility that will show you everything you need to know.

  1. Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe – Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is one of the most popular business-orientated motivational speakers in the world and has written five books and has helped millions of people all over the world with his content, talks, and videos using his experience as a journalist and business leader to fuel his ideas.

In this TED talk, he talks about his experience with military leaders and how they come together to help and be there for their teams, and how they sacrifice themselves in order for others to get medals, whereas, in the business world, it seems like a lot of leaders are happy to walk over others to get the medals for themselves.

As the consumer world looks to businesses to be responsible, this is not a mindset that the business leaders should have. In the end, it will backfire and cause more problems than walking over people in the first place. To be a responsible business, the leaders first need to take responsibility for themselves.

  1. Profit’s Not Always the Point – Harish Manwani

Harish Manwani is Chief Operating Officer at one of the biggest companies in the world, Unilever. This talk is all about the traditional three G’s of growth, but instead, this should be evolved into the four G’s of growth, the fourth being ‘responsible growth’.

“Manwani talks about how some businesses need to focus on this because sometimes a project doesn’t have to just be about making a profit but should be towards making the world a better place for all, and every word is gold,” shares Emma Smith, a journalist at OXEssays and Essay Services.

  1. How to Profit While Making a Difference – Audrey Choi

The title of this TED talk really says it all. One of the biggest concerns most businesses have is the cost that it’s going to take to make sustainable and responsible changes. Fortunately, Audrey, who was Chief to Staff for Al Gore, talks about how sustainable investment is becoming the norm. Ted

Citing Harvard Research, she explains how every dollar a business invested in sustainable companies 20 years ago would have given you a return of $28.36, which is double that of non-sustainable companies, which should alone explain how big, and profitable, sustainability is right now.

Through this TED talk, you will hear about many of the success stories of both big and small companies, as well as addressing some of the core problems that are holding some businesses back.

  1. How to Get Your Ideas to Spread – Seth Godin

“Best-selling author Seth Godin talks about how businesses are in a unique position to come up with new ideas on sustainability and can create new movements that invoke real change in the world by marketing these ideas to their customer base and having an audience that can move with the movement. This talk is all about how to do just that,” explains Jason Pierson, a writer at Assignment Help and Eliteassignmenthelp.

  1. Your Company’s Data Could Help End World Hunger – Mallory Freeman

Mallory Freeman is a Lead Data Scientist at UPS, and throughout her TED talk, she explores how business data, and we all know how big data these days is, can be used towards the problem of world hunger.

Her talk covers the ideas of donating business data and people working with their data for higher moral causes and donating the technology to help process this data with the data of others. There are already programs set up to help achieve this; it’s just about companies taking the first step.

Beatrice Potter is a business sustainability writer at PhD Thesis Writing and BigAssignments Sydney. Beatrice writes about Corporate Social Responsibility; she also is an online editor at Top Australian writing services website.   

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