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Is Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace on The Rise?

Our Values in the Workplace Seem Skewed Against Pregnant Women Posted on May 31, 2017 by Steven Mintz, aka Ethics Sage Pregnant women and new mothers are suffering increasing levels of unfair treatment at work, including cuts in hours, being put on zero-hours contracts or even forced out of their... Read more →

Meeting Millennials’ Needs in the Workplace

Maslow’s Hierarchy Can Serve as the Basis for Workplace Culture I have previously blogged about millennials and their workplace needs. This blog updates an earlier one and discussed information provided by Loyalty Works. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has been around a long time. It describes the basic needs of individuals... Read more →

What are the Ethical Obligations of Airlines to Passengers?

United, Delta, and American Learning a Lesson in Responsibility Let’s face it. We’re all fed up with the airlines and our treatment on planes. We didn’t need three incidents to remind us about it. We are oftentimes shocked by the coldness of gate attendants and onboard staff. We’re repulsed by... Read more →