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J.P. Morgan Chase Bribery Breaches its CSR

“Sons and Daughters” Program Violates FCPA For seven years between 2006 and 2013, J.P. Morgan Chase hired about a hundred interns and full time employees at the request of government officials in China and Asia as part of its efforts to build banking relationships in the fast-growing region. The hiring,... Read more →

Protecting Confidential Information in the Workplace

When to Use Nondisclosure and Non-Compete Agreements Imagine you have “proprietary information or “trade secrets” that are not generally known to the public and would not ordinarily be available to competitors except via illegal or improper means. For example, trade secrets of manufacturing processes, business plans, computer programs, customer lists,... Read more →

What is Collegial Ethics?

Guidelines for Supporting Colleagues in the Workplace Collegial Ethics (CE) proposes that we support and be fair to colleagues, not only in the day-to-day routine, but also in difficult situations when appropriate. Michael Kuhar first coined the term "collegial ethics." He did so because while interactions with colleagues is essential,... Read more →

How to be Happier at Work

Avoid a Toxic Workplace For some time now I have thought about the advice I have given to others over the years about being happy in the workplace. For me it starts with doing something you love to do. If you come home each night depressed about things at work... Read more →

Unethical Employee Behaviors in the Workplace

Disclosing Confidential Information, Stealing Others’ Work, and Pirating Software Cause Real Harm to Others My last blog dealt with ethical dilemmas for employees based on discriminatory actions by others in the organization. Today I look at employee-generated wrongful behaviors. One of the most threatening actions an employee can take is... Read more →