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The Keys to Transformation and Cultural Change in Business

How Can We Differentiate Successful From Unsuccessful Leaders? Robert E. Quinn, the cofounder of the Center for Positive Organizations at the University of Michigan, has said that “One key to successful leadership is continuous personal change. Personal change is a reflection of our inner growth and empowerment.” In business organizations... Read more →

The Implications of College 'Free Speech Zones' on Workplace Diversity

Diversity of Thought in the Workplace is an Ethical Value I have recently blogged about political correctness on college campuses. Today's blog addresses possible effects on workplace diversity of an environment that controls where and when ideas can be expressed. Imagine you have recently graduated from college and have begun... Read more →

Wells Fargo’s Corporate Culture Promotes Unethical Banking Practices

Corporate Compliance and Governance Failures at Wells Fargo How can we explain why a bank allowed its employees to open more than 2 million unauthorized accounts, sticking customers with almost $2.5 million in fees? The answer is Wells Fargo has a corporate culture that enabled its employees to put their... Read more →

Workplace Retaliation

Employee Protections & Workplace Harassment Workplace retaliation occurs when an employer punishes an employee for engaging in legally protected activity. Retaliation can include any negative job action, such as demotion, discipline, firing, salary reduction, or job or shift reassignment. However, retaliation can also be subtler, as explained by the legal... Read more →