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The Ethics of Apple and Facebook’s Egg Freezing Policy

Striking a Work-Life Balance for Women in the Workplace Should Apple and Facebook pay about $20,000 per woman to freeze their eggs and store them? Is this an ethical policy? What about women who are beyond child bearing age? Is it fair that they do not receive $20,000 for other... Read more →

Has the Accounting Profession Lost its Way?

The Disappearing Art of the Independent Audit What is it with the accounting profession that now likes to be called professional services companies? Have they lost their way? Have they sacrificed the very value that makes them a profession – and historically a respected one at that – all for... Read more →

Ted Cruz’s Machiavellian Decision to Drop Out

The Decline of Political Morality Ted Cruz’s fellow senators believe he is selfish. They believe he is out for his own good and that he has had aspirations to be President of the United States since his election to the Senate from Texas just four years ago. Last week we... Read more →

Should the Compliance and Ethics Functions Be Integrated?

Culture is the Support System for Ethical Decision-Making In my research of ethical programs in business I find that many organizations do not have a compliance program that adequately supports ethical decision-making. An effective corporate compliance program is an essential component of internal controls for uncovering and preventing ethical lapses... Read more →