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What do Millennials Value in the Workplace?

Adapting HR Policies to Appeal to Millennials I have previously blogged about the need for a culture of ethics in organizations to strengthen HR and provide the tools for HR managers and supervisors to attract and retain “the best and the brightest.” A solid reputation as an ethical employer occurs... Read more →

Navigating the Minefield of Ethical Issues in HR

Creating an Ethical Culture through the HR Function This is the first of a series of blogs on ethics and the HR function. In this blog I deal with issues related to creating an ethical culture in an organization through the HR function. Age discrimination, sex and gender discrimination, racial... Read more →

The Ethics of Using Social Media in the Workplace

How Should Companies Monitor Social Media Use? How are we to judge whether a company’s use of social media in monitoring employee behavior is ethical or not? With all the benefits that social media is bringing to the corporate world, a company faces numerous risks in its use, from misuse... Read more →

Ethics of Workplace Dating

The Heart wants what the Heart wants It’s really not surprising that today workplace romances are on the rise and many employees do not see the problem with becoming involved in such relationships. Some will argue that it’s natural given all the time spent in the workplace. Others will say... Read more →