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Ernst & Young Settles Lehman Lawsuit

Has the Financial Services Industry Learned its Lesson? On September 10, 2008, one day after Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. stock lost nearly half its value amidst investor concerns about the firm’s ability to raise capital in the aftermath of an accounting fraud, the investment bank reported an expected quarterly loss... Read more →

Atlanta Cheating Scandal Makes a Mockery of Educator Ethics

Was the Atlanta Cheating Episode a Victimless Crime? The Atlanta public school cheating scandal illustrates the deplorable behavior of some educators and administrators who use pressure to increase test scores as a defense to cheating, fail to consider the consequences of their actions, and have no sense about the way... Read more →

Ethics in Business should Enable Employees to Voice and Enact Values-Based Decision-Making

Values-based Leadership creates an Ethical Organization Culture Business ethics training in the workplace misses the mark. Traditionally, it looks at the “why” of making ethical decisions but ignores the “how” to get it done. In the real business world, employees may fully understand why it is necessary to act ethically... Read more →

The Ethics of Whistle-Blowing and Employment Confidentiality Agreements

SEC Agreement with KBR over treatment of Whistle-blower Strengthens Dodd-Frank Whistle-blowing has become a more accepted practice in business in order to stem the tide of financial fraud and other criminal offenses by corporations in the aftermath of the passage of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act by Congress in 2010.... Read more →

Civility, Ethics and Workplace Behavior

What is the link between Civility and Ethics? Incivility in society is on the rise. Virtually all people believe this is so. Every day we witness inconsiderate behavior, ‘in your face’ interaction in communications with others, and other forms of rudeness. There are many causes of incivility not the least... Read more →