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Is Good Ethics, Good Business?

Principles of Ethical Behavior in Business Why is it important to act ethically in the workplace? Who cares? What does it cost? Is it worthwhile? These are some of the questions typically addressed by businesses that strive to live up to a set of ethical standards. Ethical business practices include... Read more →

Are we headed for another period of Financial Scandals?

Using the Giving ‘Voice to Values’ Approach to teaching Ethics to College Students I fear that another scandal in business may be just around the corner. A federal regulator recently said increased risk is creeping back into the financial system, warning in a report that U.S. banks are relaxing loan-underwriting... Read more →

Doing Good Versus Being Good

Good Corporate Citizenship is an Ethical Value The following guest blog is by Christopher Bauer. It addresses several issues relevant to ethics in the workplace. There is much to be said for good corporate citizenship. The more companies that make clear and dedicated efforts to put their time and money... Read more →