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Gender Representation on Company Boards of Directors

Should Women have a more prominent role as CFOs? Women should be given a more prominent role to play in top management especially when it comes to the CFO position. That is the proposition I am putting forth in this blog. If we take a look at the organizational structure... Read more →

Causes and Solutions to Small Business Fraud

Spotting the Red Flags is Key to Fraud Prevention and Detection All companies are vulnerable to fraud, but small businesses are particularly vulnerable because decision-making and other responsibilities are often concentrated in a few key positions. Small business owners tend to be overly-trusting of employees, especially those in sensitive financial... Read more →

The Role of Etiquette in a Workplace Ethic

Basic Standards of Behavior in the Workplace Lagging the Influence of the Internet and Social Media Are manners and civility missing from the workplace? According to a recent survey by Kessler International, the answer is a resounding yes. This comes as no surprise to me because today’s workers grew up... Read more →

California Community Colleges should not be allowed to offer Four-Year Degrees

CA Master Plan for Higher Education is at Risk Having taught in the California State University System for almost thirty years, I was surprised to learn of Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal to allow two-year community colleges to offer four-year degrees. Paving the way for one of the largest community college... Read more →