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Are there two standards of behavior -- one for the workplace and one in personal life?

Cultivating an Ethical Climate in the Workplace It's not easy to maintain an ethical posture in some businesses that routinely expect their employees to leave their ethics at the doorstep once they join the organization. In some cases the philosophy of top management seems to be that there is a... Read more →

The Lost Art of Civility in the Workplace

Etiquette and Ethics Lacking in the Workplace and Society By age sixteen, George Washington had copied out by hand, 110 Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior In Company and Conversation. They are based on a set of rules composed by French Jesuits in 1595. The first rule is: “Every Action... Read more →

Cyber-attack on Sony follows leaks by the Guardians of Peace about SEC Bribery Investigation

From the Golden Globes to Foreign Bribery: Sony Pictures Embarrassed Again No one was surprised last Sunday night when the hosts of the Golden Globe Awards, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, took a swipe at Sony Pictures for the tasteless comments made by some executives that were released after a... Read more →

Organizational Challenges of the Open Workforce

Ethics, Cultural Values, and Effective Decision-Making in an Open Workforce Model One of the newly emerging structures in workplace organizations is the “open workforce” model, a trend that has been fuelled by globalization and digitization. Firms increasingly rely on external staff as well as their permanent in-house employees to meet... Read more →