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JetBlue becomes Latest Airline to Increase Fees

Train travel is the Answer to a Broken Airline System Last year, airlines worldwide made an extra $27.1 billion in "ancillary" fees like the ones for checked bags and upgraded seats, according to a study from analysts at Idea Works Company. That's more than double the amount airlines made from... Read more →

Developing a Mentoring Program in Business

Ethics, Leadership, Respect and Responsibility form the Basis on an Effective Mentoring Program A formal mentoring program can be used to develop employee skills, leadership characteristics, and a commitment to the ethics of the organization. Mentors are an important resource for new employees to help navigate the sometimes choppy waters... Read more →

Ethics and ‘The Bystander Effect’ in the Workplace

Whistleblowing Incidents Influenced by The Bystander Effect I have previously blogged about “The Bystander Effect” and how it accounts for situations where observers of wrongdoing stand idly by without intervention while harmful behavior goes unchecked. Those who might be able to act to stop the wrongdoing do not do so... Read more →

Is it Ethical to Pay Money to be Included on the List of The Most Ethical Companies in the World?

Ethisphere list Includes Companies with Questionable Behavior Last week I read a piece about the most ethical companies that caught my eye because it suggested that Blue Shield and other companies pay Ethisphere to be considered one of the most ethical companies in the world. Ethisphere develops a list each... Read more →