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A Real Life Example of Workplace Conflict over a Dating Relationship

The Ethics of Dating in the Workplace Last week a reader of this blog asked questions about the ethical conflict they experienced in the workplace. The issue is one that many workers encounter so I decided to blog about what I believe is the appropriate action to take – at... Read more →

What is Workplace Ethics?

Organizational Culture and Ethical Leadership the Key to Workplace Ethics Two weeks ago I blogged about “What is Ethics?” I pointed out that ethics should be based on accepted standards of behavior that have developed over time and come from a variety of sources including: (1) the influence of religious... Read more →

Benefits of Workplace Counseling

Employee Counseling Services Strengthen Organizational Performance Employee counseling has emerged as the latest HR tool to attract and retain the best employees and increase the quality of the workforce. In today's fast-paced corporate world, there is virtually no organization free of stress ot stress-free employees. The employees can be stressed,... Read more →

What is Ethics?

Defining Ethics in Society and Workplace Ethics I have been blogging about ethics for some time so it is reasonable to ask what my perspective on ethics is. The term ethics is derived from the Greek word ethikos which itself is derived from the Greek word ethos, meaning custom or... Read more →