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Social Media Ethics in the Workplace

Duty of Care, Personal Responsibility, and Integrity are Workplace Ethical Values when using Social Media I have previously blogged about social media in the workplace but find it creates persistent questions about ethical behavior so I have chosen to address the topic once again. There are at least three ethical... Read more →

What does it take to make Ethical Decisions in the Workplace?

Virtue Ethics and Ethical Decision Making in the Workplace I often discuss ethical decision making in my Accounting Ethics class because accountants and auditors are part of the internal organization structure and have an important role in preventing and detecting misconduct (i.e., occupational and financial statement fraud). I typically start... Read more →

Is CEO pay: 'Unbelievably piggish and outrageous,' no matter how you slice it?

Ethical Considerations in Assessing the Fairness of CEO Pay On April 4 I read a piece in the Daily Ticker that discusses the trends in CEO pay packages. Led by Gilead Sciences' CEO John Martin's nearly $170 million haul, 10 CEOs took in total compensation of over $60 million in... Read more →

Ethics in the Academic Workplace

Does Academic Medical Center Leaders’ Position on the Board of Directors of a Pharmaceutical Company Create a Conflict of Interest? Last week I posted a blog on my other website – – that dealt with whether it is a violation of ethical standards to have leaders of academic medical... Read more →

Should Student-Athletes be paid?

Are Colleges and the NCAA failing our Student-Athletes? Last week’s ruling by a regional director of the National Labor Relations Board that players on Northwestern University’s football team were school employees, and thus eligible to unionize, has created a buzz rarely seen in college sports. On the one hand, student-athletes... Read more →