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The Dangers of Workplace Dating

Survey Shows Millennials More Accepting of Workplace Romances I have previously blogged about workplace dating. I recently read about a national poll of young workers taken by Workplace Options that clearly indicates a change in attitude by millennials indicating that dating in the workplace has become a more accepted practice.... Read more →

Quotas, Women, and Breaking through the Glass Ceiling

Guest Blog on Women, and the Glass Ceiling From time to time I receive a comprehensive response to a blog I have written as part of an ethics assignment. The posting below by Jen is in response to one such blog on “Breaking through the Glass Ceiling.” In your previous... Read more →

Social Networking in the Workplace

Social Networking at Work Raises Ethical Issues I have blogged many times before about the challenges of using social media for personal matters while in the workplace. In an interesting study on this issue, the Ethics Resource Center (ERC) surveyed 4,735 individuals about social networking use. Most social networkers engage... Read more →