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Do Accounting Firms and Professional Staff view the Ethical Environment Differently?

There is a Difference between Knowing What to do and Doing It As a professor who teaches ethics to accounting students, I’m always interested in learning whether accounting firms view ethics differently than professional staff. It’s important for me to know this because of the advice I provide to my... Read more →

An Alcohol and Substance Abuse-free Workplace

The Ethics of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Workplace Policies From time to time I receive a reply to one of my blogs from a student who is fulfilling a course requirement. The following blog by A More is a response to my blog on substance abuse in the workplace. I... Read more →

Avoiding the Ethical Slippery Slope in Workplace Decisions

Why Some Organizations ‘Kill the Messenger’ Ethical decisions in the workplace require a level of consciousness that directs a person to consider how the consequences of one’s decisions affect others and whether the rights of those affected by one’s actions are being respected or rejected. Ethical decision-making for most is... Read more →

Are Men More Likely than Women to Compromise Values for Career Success?

Ethical Values in the Workplace and Career Advancement I recently read a piece posted by Pew Research that states men are more likely than women to compromise values for career success. This doesn’t surprise me because I have found that women students cheat lessoften than their male counterparts and claim... Read more →