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Workplace Behavior and Ethics: Values to Live and Work By

Creating an Ethical Workplace Environment Last week a reader asked about an incident at work where a co-worker made sexual remarks about her appearance that day. “You look good in yellow. That’s a beautiful sweater.” Other comments were made that created an unwelcome environment at work. Since she worked closely... Read more →

Social Networking in the Workplace

Social Networking at Work Raises Ethical Issues Between September 5 and September 12, 2012, the Ethics Resource Center (ERC) surveyed 4,735 individuals about social networking use. Most social networkers engage in mostly passive activity – looking at friends’ photos, observing Twitter commentary, or seeking information. But ERC identifies a group... Read more →

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Implications of Tax Shifting Practices by U.S. Companies

Average Tax Payment of about 12.6% is about 36% of Top 35% Rate Due to U.S. Government I have previously blogged about the use of transfer pricing techniques by U.S. companies to shift profits away from the U.S., which has the highest corporate tax rate (35%), to countries with lower... Read more →

Achieving Workplace Success: Develop ‘Soft Skills’

CFOs Identify Soft Skills as the Ticket to Ride the Corporate Ladder up to the Top CFOs say poor interpersonal skills are the top reason for an employee’s failure to advance in the company. But finance chiefs are far more likely to offer training in more technical categories — accounting... Read more →

S.F. City College Fighting for its Existence

Accreditor votes to shut down San Francisco's community college in 1 year City College of San Francisco will lose its accreditation in one year and be shut down, its regional accreditor announced last week, unless the college can prevail in a review or appeal process with the Accrediting Commission for... Read more →

Generational Differences in the Workplace

Workplace Attributes of Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y I have often observed that today’s college students differ from prior generations in two important ways: they do not have as strong a work ethic and their right-brain activity is not as well developed. I have previously blogged about both... Read more →

Dealing with Workplace Conflict

Conflict in the Workplace can be Toxic Workplace conflict can be healthy if it helps to clarify problems and resolve differences between top management and a supervisor of employees; supervisor and employee; employee and employee. The right way to deal with workplace conflict is to address it head-on. Putting one’s... Read more →