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Fraud 'Flu' Spreading at Chinese Companies

SEC Investigating Fraud at China MediaExpress Last week it was announced that the SEC charged defunct company China MediaExpress and its chief executive officer with misleading investors, the agency's latest case alleging fraud at a U.S.-listed China-based company. The SEC alleges that China MediaExpress falsely reported increases in its business... Read more →

Breadwinner Moms: Good or Bad for Society?

Women in the Workforce and Changing Family Dynamics Is it a good thing that increasingly women are becoming the main breadwinner in the family? According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, women are now the sole or primary wage earner in 40 percent of households with children... Read more →

Do Redheads Have More Fun in the Workplace?

Hair Color and Workplace Professionalism Every once in a while I read a survey about workplace attributes and behavior that gives me pause. This is the case with a new study from Australia that basically concludes good grooming in the workplace can make the difference between having a successful career... Read more →

SEC Suspends Trading on 61 Companies in Fraud Crackdown

Pump and Dump the Latest Example of a Lack of Business Ethics In its ongoing "Operation Shell Expel" to protect investors from fraud, The Securities and Exchange Commission suspended trading last week in the securities of 61 empty shell companies. The initiative is a crackdown against the manipulation of microcap... Read more →

Are Women in the Workforce the Cause of declining Educational Achievement?

Work Ethic is the Key to Education A few days ago Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant ignited a heated debate by claiming that standards in education have declined in line with women returning to the workplace. Speaking during a televised panel discussion, Republican Governor Bryant quickly realized his controversial remarks would... Read more →

The IRS Run Amok

Treasury criticizes the IRS on conference overspending We all have heard about the IRS targeting conservative-oriented groups for closer scrutiny and unfair questioning with respect to their application for tax-exempt-status. There is no doubt this was an unethical practice and violated the basic right for all groups to be treated... Read more →

Workplace Violence on the Rise

What can Employers do to slow the Rising Tide of Workplace Violence? The issue of workplace violence became a subject of media attention after the series of Post Office murders that occurred throughout the 1980s and 1990s. While such shootings are relatively rare, the impact of non-fatal workplace violence is... Read more →