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Our National Psyche and Super Bowl Monday

Super Bowl Monday or President's Day? Perhaps you have heard there is a petition circulating to send to President Obama to make next Monday, the day after the Super Bowl, a national holiday.The idea is to replace President's Day with the new holiday. It says a lot about our society... Read more →

Buying Professors

Do Donors have a Right to Select Recipients of Funded Professorships? Academic freedom fosters an independent academic voice and avoidance of conflicts of interest. Universities exist to promote the public interest, and not to further the interest of the individual professor or the institution as a whole [or, by implication,... Read more →

Top 10 Better Business Bureau Scams of 2012

Scamsters use Unconventional Methods to Dupe Innocent Victims The Better Business Bureau investigates thousands of scams every year, and this past year launched two websites to help consumers figure out which offers are real and which ones are possibly frauds: BBB Smart Investing ( investing), informs consumers about investment Fraud,... Read more →

What to do when you know a Fellow Employee Has Lied on His Resume

Ethical Issues in Disclosing Past Sexual Harassment of a Fellow Employee Last week I discussed with my students the prevalence of lying on a resume and discussed steps employers can take to better identify such falsehoods. I warned them about their ethical responsibilities in that regard. Lying on resumes has... Read more →

Toyota Resolves Some of its Legal Problems

Unintended Acceleration of Toyota Models an Ethical Problem for Toyota In 2009, Toyota encountered a problem with some of its models when news broke that there may be a sudden unintended acceleration on certain models. Toyota was hesitant at first to do anything, but after being forced to explain its... Read more →