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Admission of International Students to Universities May Pose a Threat to National Security

Growing Problem of Fraud in International Student Applications to Higher Education Institutions As a college professor I have always wondered how some of my international students were ever admitted to the university. Now, I think the answer is clear. Lying on applications forms; misstating one’s past education and experiences; and... Read more →

Advice for the ‘Boomerang Generation’

Building Skills Needed for Career Success Massive college debt; stagnant unemployment rates coupled with disappointing hiring rates; falling or frozen wages for people starting their careers; rising gas prices; difficulty getting and affording a mortgage; these realities during the past few years have created a ‘boomerang generation’ where young adults... Read more →

Discrimination and Harassment at Work

Guest Blog: 7 Ways to Deal With Discrimination and Harassment at Your Job From time to time I post a guest blog. Today’s is by staff writers of “online business degree”. It deals with the important topic of discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Harassment is legally defined as unwelcome... Read more →

SEC Whistleblower Program Pays Out First Award

The Ethics of Whistleblowing Just one year after the Dodd-Frank whistleblower rules took effect, the Securities and Exchange Commission last month doled out its first bounty award to a whistleblower who helped the agency stop what it described as a multi-million dollar fraud, and if Sean McKessy, chief of the... Read more →