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Corporate Social Responsibility versus Personal Responsibility

Who is to Blame for the Economic Mess? I have previously blogged about corporate social responsibility. The time seems right to expand the discussion to include the viewpoints of those who started the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. That movement arguably has helped President Obama to gain greater traction in the... Read more →

What Ever Happened to Ethics at Johnson & Johnson?

Lawsuits over Johnson & Johnson Products Raise Questions about Ethics at the Company From time to time I post the same blog on my Workplace Ethics Advice blog as my other one -- Ethics Sage. This is one of those occasions because I believe the topic to be an important... Read more →

Social Learning for a Social Workplace

What is Social Learning? I must admit I am new to the concept of “social learning.” I read an interesting piece on it by Michael Rose, General Manager of Knoodle, which provides a cloud-based social presentation, training, and learning management system. Rose points out that the emergence of Web 2.0... Read more →

A Code of Ethics in the Workplace

Corporate Values Establish Ethical Obligations in the Workplace What comprises a code of ethics in the workplace? This is an issue I have addressed before and want to revisit in light of recent questions raised about corporate ethics. It is critical for the success of the American capitalistic economic system... Read more →

Cyber-attacks Threaten Small Businesses

The Epidemic of Cybercrime in Small Businesses Incidents of fraud and cybercrime against businesses are growing at an alarming rate, seriously jeopardizing the ability of many companies to grow and increase profitability. The problem is particularly serious for small businesses that may lack the resources to deal with cyber-threats and... Read more →

Habits of Effective, Ethical Leaders

Revisiting Covey's Seven Habits We’re all familiar with Dr. Stephen Covey’s seminal work The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that was named the #1 Most Influential Business Book of the Twentieth Century. First published in 1989, the Seven Habits explains a useful set of guiding principles that help you... Read more →

Suggestions for College Students in Using Social Networking in the Workplace

The Lost Art of Effective Communication in the Workplace Last Friday I was sitting in an Accounting Advisory Council meeting at my university, California Polytechnic State University, when the Area Chair posed a question to potential recruiters of our accounting students. He astutely asked each firm representative to tell the... Read more →

Should Teachers Be Allowed to Accept Gifts from Students?

Who Are the Real Turkeys: Alabama Lawmakers or Teachers? It’s that time of the year again. Young children give their teachers a gift to show their appreciation for putting up with their eccentricities. It’s a show of respect after all…Or, can it be a bribe as the Alabama legislature seems... Read more →

Judge Nixes Citigroup-SEC Agreement

Is Workplace Ethics An Oxymoron? I have posted many blogs on ethics in the workplace. After a while you can become quite cynical about the practice followed by so many companies, especially investment firms. Let’s not forget they were responsible for the 2008 financial meltdown. But finally there is hope... Read more →