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Employee Fraud in the Workplace

Suggestions to Prevent Employee Fraud in the Workplace I have previously blogged about the ever-increasing cost to society of fraud. Fraud in business organizations also seems to be on the rise despite all efforts to reduce it following well-publicized accounting frauds at Enron and WorldCom. According to research conducted by... Read more →

Workplace Etiquette when Using Email

Do's and Dont's in Sending Emails at Work Most of us don’t think twice. We read someone’s email and respond immediately. No thought is given to what we are about to say and, more important, how we will say it. I have encountered rudeness in email exchanges, bullying behavior, inappropriate... Read more →

Declining Work Ethic Threatens U.S. Business Leadership in the World

Capitalism and the Work Ethic Late in life Adam Smith observed that government institutions can never tame and regulate a society whose citizens are not schooled in a common set of virtues. “What institutions of government could tend so much to promote the happiness of mankind as the general prevalence... Read more →